Therapeutic Areas

Our medications are changing the lives of the patients we serve. Currently, within the United States, oncology treatment and care are our immediate focus. We have four medicines available in multiple indications:

onecaspar   asparlas

     Tibsovo        Idhifa   


Globally we have a broad portfolio of medicines which are prescribed in almost 150 countries. The availability, name and indicated use of our medicines may vary globally. Each country has different drug approval processes for the specific purpose of the medication; please consult local regulators for more information. To learn more about which Servier products are available in your country visit Our Servier Medicines.

Expanded Access to Care

We believe all patients should have fair access to the life-saving medications and care that they need. We support collaboration across industries, businesses and the government to help increase patient access to medications and improve patient care throughout the treatment and survivorship journey. To that end, we make our medications available to eligible healthcare organizations and covered entities at significantly reduced prices under the United States government's 340B Drug Discount Program, meant to serve Medicaid and other in-need populations. We distribute almost half of our products to patients through 340B. We also provide compassionate use access to patients not covered by 340B.

Our Focus on Value

The patients we serve are our top priority. We are committed to providing the best value for their care. We work to establish a medicine's price that reflects the value it offers to patients and the healthcare system, based on a range of factors including impact on patients and their disease relative to other available treatments and the potential to reduce additional health care costs, such as hospital stays. We remain committed to ensuring our treatments offer real value as determined by our patients' outcomes, choices and advanced care.

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