Podcasting in Oncology

July 29, 2021

oncology podcasts

I recently shared a post about the rise of telemedicine during the pandemic and how it could continue to revolutionize patient-doctor interaction. Similarly, podcasting is a helpful tool within the healthcare industry to reach patients, their families and caregivers, who are eager for more information and resources.

Podcasting originally started in the early-00's as a way to download internet-based radio broadcasts. The medium has evolved from 'new media' to a multi-billion-dollar industry covering a variety of topics, including daily news, politics, comedy – and of interest to me – healthcare, specifically oncology.

According to a recent study from Nielsen, more than 50 percent of American homes characterize themselves as 'podcast fans,' with roughly 16 million people identifying as 'avid podcast fans.' These figures continue to expand as the medium continues to evolve and grow year-over-year. Podcasting has become an essential medium for audience engagement; it's the new talk radio.

While podcasting may not directly affect patients' day-to-day treatment management as telemedicine does, many patient-focused organizations are already testing the podcasting waters. The Lung Cancer Foundation of America and Oncology Learning Network have established their podcasts to disseminate critical information to HCPs and patients. Many of these podcasts feature commentary from oncologists and patients alike, providing a first-hand account of the diagnosis, treatment and post-remission process from both perspectives.

Media companies like CURE and Healio have recognized the opportunity to connect directly with the community and establish their own oncology-focused podcast series. The podcast hosts are leading oncologists and focus on a wide array of topics, including signs and symptoms of cancer, causes of various types of cancers and the effectiveness of specific treatment classes.

It is encouraging to see this important medium blossom and spread into the healthcare and oncology space. I am always looking for new innovative technologies that can provide solutions to problems. Discovering and incorporating these innovations is one of my favorite parts of serving as CEO of Servier Pharmaceuticals.

I will be sure to keep a close eye on the space and look forward to observing and partaking in the podcasting evolution in healthcare and oncology. In the meantime, see below for links to the shows I've referenced throughout this post.

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