Christian Schubert

Christian Schubert

Global Head of External Innovation and Director of Servier BioInnovation

Christian R. Schubert is the Global Head of External Innovation for Servier R&D and Director of Servier BioInnovation. He is an established leader in external innovation and business development in the biotechnology sector with deep experience in both academic research and commercial business development. 

Prior to joining Servier Group, Christian served as Director of Corporate Strategy Business Development and External Innovation at Biogen. He was also Associate Director, Precision Medicine, Human Genetics and Computational Biomedicine at Pfizer, where he helped pioneer the use of human genetics, translational genomics and human biology for the identification and validation of novel targets, biomarkers or patient segmentation strategies to fuel the research and early development portfolio in neuroscience. Further, Christian is an expert in health-related life science innovation and serves as strategic advisor to multiple life science venture funds and startup companies.

Christian received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from University of Munich, with time spent at ETH Zurich and University of Oxford. He also has several postgraduate degrees including a Master of Science in Biochemistry from University of Munich, Doctor of Philosophy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a postdoctoral Fellowship from Harvard Medical School.

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