David K. Lee

David K. Lee

Chief Executive Officer

David K. Lee is the CEO of Servier Pharmaceuticals and a seasoned veteran of the pharma industry dedicated to bringing innovative, responsible and life-changing products to patients around the globe. As CEO, David leads Servier Pharmaceuticals’ efforts to leverage Servier Group’s global portfolio and seek acquisitions, licensing deals and partnerships in the United States – a new frontier for the France-based global pharmaceutical company.    

Throughout his career, David has held leadership positions at several industry-leading companies, including Shire, Baxalta and Novartis. Most recently, he served as Shire’s Head of the Global Genetic Disease and Oncology franchises, where he oversaw the cross-functional leadership teams responsible for strategy, marketing, business assessment and planning. His career highlights include the approval of products for oncology (acute lymphoblastic leukemia and metastatic pancreatic cancer) and genetic diseases (hereditary angioedema). David also guided Servier’s acquisition of the Shire Oncology portfolio.

Energized by his long-held mission to find cures for cancer and rare diseases, David spent time early in his career working at Partners in Health in Rwanda, the World Health Organization in Geneva and the Boston Medical Library. While at Novartis, he helped launch novel vaccines and orchestrated the successful cross-functional completion of three Phase I trials, two Phase II trials, and a Phase III registration trial. He has a passion for open innovation that feeds his commitment to identifying meaningful partnerships across the healthcare spectrum to foster next-generation scientific discovery that will have a lasting social impact in the United States and, ultimately, around the world.

David received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Harvard University and later received his Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

To learn more about David connect with him on LinkedIn.

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