Who We Are

At Servier Pharmaceuticals, we are dedicated to bringing the promise of tomorrow to the patients we serve.

We are a commercial stage, privately held United States pharmaceutical company. Launched by Servier Group, a unique global organization operating in more than 150 countries and governed by a non-profit foundation, Servier Pharmaceuticals has the resources and network of an established global pharmaceutical company, while operating with the nimble and entrepreneurial spirit of a biotech. 

As a growing leader in oncology, Servier is committed to finding solutions that will address today's challenges. The company's oncology portfolio of innovative medicines is designed to bring more life-saving treatments to a greater number of patients, across the entire spectrum of disease and in a variety of tumor types. Currently, we have four medicines approved in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), acute myeloid leukemia (AML)  and cholangiocarcionoma (CCA). We have also accelerated our investment in hard-to-treat cancers, with more than 50% of research and development dedicated to oncology. Our goal is to serve our patients with the utmost treatment and care to improve the potential for survival. 

— History

The History of Servier

Servier has a 65-year history of helping provide innovative medicines to patients globally. In the United States, Servier intends to uphold and build upon that history.

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Why We Serve

Everything we do is designed to improve the lives of the patients we serve. We are committed to supporting patients throughout their survivorship journey – from diagnosis, to remission and beyond. 

This commitment is embodied by our Patient Office, which supports each project by focusing on how to address the challenges patients face throughout their treatment journey. The information and feedback that we receive from our patient network help us tailor our initiatives toward new partnerships that benefit and meet the needs of the patients. 

As a privately held company, we have the freedom to do what many other publicly traded biopharmaceutical companies can’t: devote our energy toward putting patients and caregivers first. We can think about long-term opportunities and research that can move the needle for patients without being beholden to investor or shareholder pressure.

Facts and Figures

Leveraging our broad global presence, Servier Pharmaceuticals can take advantage of:


Our identity is defined by the three V’s

  1. We are inspired by our vocation, which is our commitment to the therapeutic programs and the patients we serve.
  2. We are guided by our vision, which puts patients at the heart of our decisions. This patient focus is central to everything we are doing. We continue to make long-term and independent investments in innovation. While we are a United States company, we have a global impact and we strive to contribute to quality health care for all who need it.
  3. We are driven by our values

Servier is a company that cares. We can’t authentically claim to be leaders in healthcare without involving the patient voice in everything that we do. We’re building innovative therapies, but we’re also treating debilitating diseases that have a long-lasting impact on patients and their families. We work very hard to ensure that patients feel that they are supported from the moment of diagnosis long into their survivorship journey.


We work tirelessly to provide innovative therapeutic solutions to those who need it. Driven by a pioneering spirit, we dare to innovate. From our expanded partnership efforts aimed at driving R&D innovation in the field of oncology to our unwavering commitment to both mature and emerging markets, we dare to reimagine what is possible in the world of healthcare and to push the limits of our capabilities as healthcare professionals. 

Commit to Succeed

Committing to succeed may be our highest promise. Whatever challenges we face and whatever obstacles may come our way, we remain committed to ensuring success in everything we do while acting with the highest integrity.

Grow by Sharing

We believe our teams are Servier’s greatest asset and we’re constantly emboldened by their ingenuity and inventiveness. Any opportunity we have to work together contributes to our common purpose as a company – and we grow by sharing. Growth is a continuous process – one that we share with the people we work with and the patients we serve.

Our focus on care and comfort is central to our values. We are daring to innovate to expand possibilities and continue to grow.

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Servier’s ambition to improve patient care comes from the top. Our best-in-class executives pave the way for success.

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Servier Pharmaceuticals is an independent, privately held United States company launched by Servier Group, a unique global organization governed by a non-profit foundation.

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Servier has a 65-year history of helping provide innovative medicines to patients globally. In the United States, Servier intends to uphold and build upon that history.

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